About Us

Who We Are?

Kayvey Nutri Foods is an award winning food processing business based in Douala Cameroon. The business is primarily involved in combining and milling of different seeds, nuts, pulses and grains that are sold in the Cameroonian market. Keyvey Nutri Foods is a company that uses locally available agricultural raw materials to manufacture nutritive food formulas for children and adults and makes them available to families through a supply chain that engages women and girls thereby creating jobs. A portion of our annual profits is used to sponsor our“women entrepreneurship program” through which we train rural women and provide them with seed capital to start and manage their own small businesses.

Our Vision

In a country where bad Nutrition is the order of the day for less privilege, especially children ,women and the elderly, quality but affordable healthy foods are a proposition that would readily find a market, we therefore have chosen to provide quality nutrition at affordable cost and fueling the socio-economic empowerment of rural women. Our vision is to make Cameroonian women economically viable and protected from abuse because extreme poverty and resulting injustices against women has been eradicated. we want a world where children are born healthy, live healthy, and grow healthy because through our quality and affordable nutrition program malnutrition would have been eradicated together with its health complications of stunting, wasting, overweight, low birthweight, micronutrient deficiency, and death.


Kayvey Nutri Foods is distinguishing itself as an innovative company that impacts three of the UN sustainable development goals ;

  • Eradication of extreme poverty
  • Providing sustainable quality nutrition
  • Prevention of infant mortality caused by malnutrition

Our Products

Kayvey Nutri Baby

We have six products exclusive for babies 6months to 36 months,theses are a combination of soja, corn, wheat ,fish, milk and different flavours to give a unique mixture for the proper growth of babies

Kayvey Nutri Family

This is a mixture of cereals to give infants and adults the required amount of nutrients ,vitamins and minerals needed by their body.This is a mixture of soja, sesame, flax seed, corn, millet, groundnuts at different proposition,
Social Impact
Our activities are directly working for SDG 1,2,3
SDG 1No poverty

Through our start-up factory and head office in Douala, we are providing direct permanent jobs to Cameroonians. Statistics show that each income earning Cameroonian has about 10 direct or extended family members that they provide for, thus the salaries we pay regularly provide for the needs of many people. Our supply chain involves distribution partners who make income by serving as the link between our production unit and families that consume our products.

SDG 2No Hunger

Ending hunger in Cameroon and Africa is possible only through the development of local and sustainable solutions. Kayvey does just that. More than 500,000 units of Kayvey have so far been consumed since we launched sales and our goal is to feed 4 million people annually in Cameroon and neighboring African countries with Kayvey

SDG 3Good Health and Wellbeing

Malnutrition is the leading cause of some of the major public health challenges in Cameroon. 10% of the general population is undernourished,41% of women of childbearing age have anemia, 45% of children aged 6-59 months have Vitamin A deficiency, and under-five mortality rate is 88 per 1000 live births. Morbidity associated with malnutrition in children under five include wasting (5%), severe wasting (1%), overweight (7%), low birth weight (11%) and stunting (32%). Food sources are abundant but follow a seasonal cycle and most woman lack the knowledge on food preservation and preparation of balanced diets. We produce formulas that available and accessible.

Agriculture is the backbone of Cameroonian economy and improving private, small-scale farms is essential to a broad base poverty reduction strategy. overall 75% of Cameroonian population derives at least part of their livelihoods from agriculture. Most farmers In Cameroon work without modern seeds and technology or adequate financial or extension services,
kayvey Nutri Foods processing activities have a direct and indirect impact on thousands of smallholders farmers in Cameroon.we cut across several value chain including maize,millet,soja,moringa.our air is to break the cycle of poverty among smallholder farmers who remain poor despite being in farming for decades.

  • ABC a better Cameroon 2015
  • Cameroon leadership Academy Award 2016
  • Tony Elumelu Enterprenuership program 2016
  • PME Exchange Cameroon 2017
  • Returnee Award 2017
  • 100 most influencial Cameroonian by inspired Magasine 2017
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